Tesla Cybertruck Magnet
Tesla Cybertruck Magnet

Tesla Cybertruck Magnet

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Introducing our Tesla CyberTruck Magnet, a mesmerizing and unique addition to your collection that brings the cutting-edge design of the Tesla CyberTruck right to your fridge or magnetic surface. Crafted from high-quality acrylic, this 6" wide magnet boasts rolling wheels for interactive play and, for a bit of humor, an optional broken window, inspired by the infamous unveiling event. Buckle up and embrace the future of magnets with this eye-catching and captivating piece.

Futuristic Design at Your Fingertips: Embrace the bold and futuristic design of the Tesla CyberTruck with our magnet. This iconic and revolutionary vehicle is now available in miniature form, allowing you to showcase its groundbreaking aesthetics wherever you please.

Rolling Wheels for Interactive Fun: Our CyberTruck Magnet comes equipped with rolling wheels, adding a fun and interactive element to your magnet collection. Take your CyberTruck on imaginary adventures across your fridge, desk, or any magnetic surface, and let your imagination run wild.

The Infamous Broken Window Sticker - A Conversation Starter: For a touch of humor and a nod to the memorable Tesla CyberTruck unveiling, you can opt for the broken window. This playful addition will undoubtedly spark conversations with friends and family, making the magnet a standout piece in your home or office.

Premium Quality Acrylic Craftsmanship: Crafted from durable and high-quality acrylic, our CyberTruck Magnet ensures lasting beauty and resilience. The clear and glossy finish adds a touch of sophistication, making it an attractive showpiece for any Tesla enthusiast or magnet collector.

Perfect for Tesla Enthusiasts and Collectors: Whether you're a devoted Tesla fan, an automobile enthusiast, or simply appreciate sleek and modern design, our CyberTruck Magnet is a must-have addition to your collection. Display it with pride and let it showcase your admiration for Tesla's innovative vision.

Why Choose Our Tesla CyberTruck Magnet?

  • A mesmerizing magnet inspired by the iconic Tesla CyberTruck.
  • Rolling wheels for interactive and imaginative play.
  • Optional broken window for a playful touch and conversation starter.
  • Premium quality acrylic construction for lasting beauty and durability.
  • An ideal gift for Tesla enthusiasts, car lovers, and magnet collectors.

Rev up your fridge and infuse it with the futuristic flair of the Tesla CyberTruck Magnet. Let the rolling wheels drive your imagination and enjoy the humorous twist of the optional broken window sticker. Order yours now and take a mini Tesla CyberTruck home today!