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BLOKHEADZ! Puzzle Cube

BLOKHEADZ! Puzzle Cube

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Introducing BLOKHEADZ! Puzzle Cube, where the timeless allure of wooden craftsmanship meets the challenge of tetrominoes! This wooden puzzle cube consists of 16 tetrominoes (the same sort of shapes used in the game Tetris). Dump the pieces and mix them up and then try to put them back in the box. There are many solutions. Try to find them all! 

A Puzzle for All Ages: Engage the minds of the young and the young at heart with our The BLOKHEADZ! Puzzle Cube. Whether it's a relaxing afternoon activity or a gathering of family and friends, this puzzle cube is sure to create cherished memories and moments of shared delight.

Why Choose Our Wooden Tetranomial Puzzle Cube?

  • An artistic twist on traditional wooden puzzles.
  • Tactile and visually appealing, with vivid colors.
  • Tetrominoes offer a challenging and unique puzzle-solving experience.
  • Durable and long-lasting, perfect for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.
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