Our Limited Lifetime Warranty

We build our toys to last and our guarantee is as solid as our toys! We believe that every toy deserves a loving home, and we're here to make sure they stay in tip-top shape.
Our Toy* Warranty and Guarantee:
  • 12-Month No-Nonsense Warranty: For the first 12 months after purchase, we've got your back! If your toy breaks, bring it back to us, and we'll repair or replace it, no questions asked. It's like magic, but with less smoke and more smiles.
  • Lifetime "Attempted" Repairs: After the initial 12 months, our toy repair elves will continue to work their magic for free. We'll do our best to fix any toy bearing our brand, but we reserve the right to refuse repairs if the damage is too extensive. It's like a toy hospital, but with fewer lollipops and more laughter.
  • The Misfit Toy Clause: We prefer our toys not end up in the land of misfit toys. We'd rather they stay in loving homes, being played with and bringing joy to kids everywhere. So, if you've got a toy that's beyond repair, we'll give it a proper send-off and a place in our Toy Hall of Fame or recycle it into our From Trash to Toys program!

Remember, our warranty is like a secret handshake between friends - it's our way of ensuring that your toy stays in the game and keeps the good times rolling. So, go ahead and play, laugh, and create memories, because we've got your toy's back!

* Please note, that everywhere you see "toy" you can also replace that with "game".  It's just less wordy and rolls off the tongue better this way.